Content Posting Qualification

Withdraw & Content Posting Terms:

Acceptable Content Posting:
Share any Content About music, Host a music reviews, Promoting music or Culture, Write content with full sentence, Share about lifestyle, Share about Your Culture, Daily Activities, Music, Pictures, Videos, Live Stream, Comment with full sentence, Likes, Dislikes, Share other Post, Product post for sale, Groups post, Page Post, Blog post, Forum, full-statements, Share some wisdom and more..!

Disqualify, Unacceptable Content:
Short or 2 to 3 writing, Duplicate post, Adult Images, Pornographic, Negative or derogatory content, the same message across social networks, Private family information, Half-statements, Sharing refer links to other earning apps or website, Comments inappropriate, harmful images, (anyone posting 1, 2, 3 or Unnecessary Content Your account will be deleted, tagging a person without his consent, posting other people's pictures or videos without their consent, Threatening people, Spreading information that is not verified by the official sources,
gossiping about people or maligning them, also as a user report this person if you see this kind of activity), Disrespect or Abuse Your Account will be Deleted

Affiliates / Referral Qualification:
Make sure your refer user have his/her account activate and post on the platform.
Pending refer account will Decline your payout.

Live Stream Features:
Get points for live stream post
Get more points by asking friends to Donate
Get points by buying Option. Much more coming...!

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